We are a very small farm with a limited staff of 38 or so sheep who are working hard to grow beautiful wool, a guardian dog (Hank) who is always on security detail, a Border Collie (Kate) keeping us all in line, a Corgi (Tilly)...well, pretty much just following the Border Collie around, some cats (Eli, Comby and Betsy)...who, honestly, are probably asleep...and for the most part only one human (me) trying to keep up with everyone. 

I've tried to organize the farm shop website logically, but if you are looking for something and don't see it on one page, try another one. I'm sure there's a tidier way to arrange all the pictures, but I can't figure it out without making them tiny (shepherd, not web guru...) so I hope you just feel like you are leisurely browsing through the shop as you scroll down and down and down. 

I tried to create one of those slick e-commerce sites, but I just didn't feel at home.  If you'd like to place an order, it's as simple as just dropping me (thecrazysheeplady) an email. Say hi, tell me what you'd like to order, where you'd like it shipped or when you'd like to come by and pick it up, if it's a gift and needs a gift card enclosed, those sorts of things... 

I will get your order shipped out as soon as I can (so if there's a deadline, let me know!). Usually orders will go out within 24 hours (unless it's the weekend), but sometimes farm work has to take priority. If there's going to be a delay, I'll let you know. Please allow a couple weeks for custom items like wool wreaths and felted sheep...
I ship via the USPS.  Inside your box, unless it's a gift, you'll find an invoice and a return envelope so you just drop a check back to us in the mail (I love when you include a nice note, pictures or story :-). If you need to use a credit card, we can accommodate that, but prefer handling checks.  We're I'm a little old fashioned ;-). 

It probably goes without saying, but any purchases made from our farm shop, online or at fiber festivals directly support the Punkin's Patch sheep (and dogs, cats, horses and even those crazy Adventure Chickens), but also indirectly support the local farmers who grow our feed and hay, veterinarians who take such good care, our sheep shearers, the mill that processes our wool...and, of course, Nabisco and Keebler ;-). 

Thank you for shopping with us!

A tour of our on farm studio and gift shop, The Wool House, before Small Business Saturday, 2018.

The Punkin's Patch booth at the 2018 Kentucky Sheep and Fiber Festival.

 A tour of the Punkin's Patch booth at the 2018 Kentucky Wool Festival.

We all thank you and hope you enjoy our fleeces and yarns, roving for hand spinning and felting, drop spindle kits, farm calendars, Lamb Camp cards and calendars, felted wool sheep and wool wreaths, folk art Christmas cards, Christmas ornaments and "Orneries", Punkin's Patch swag like the Mug Shot mugs and the My Favorite Sheep name bags and note pads and our other sheep gifts and fiber collectibles.

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***Mobile Users*** If you don't see page button/link at the top of your screen, tap the empty box (Android) or lined box (iPhone) and a drop down appears...at least on my phone.  

***Desktop Users***  If the "Contact" button doesn't seem to be working, try hovering over the CON end of the word.  If it still doesn't work, the address is thecrazysheepladyATgmailSDOTcom.  I have no idea...  

Remember, shepherd, not tech guru.  Sigh...