Gift Items And Collectibles

Felted Sheep

I create a limited number of felted sheep.  Each sheep is unique and some are standing, some are sleeping, some have lambs by their sides...  Some are bigger, some are smaller, some are fluffy, some are not quite as fluffy...  There is a waiting list, but I am trying to get faster!  
$22 - $96 each

Wool Wreaths

Medium size - approx. 6" across

Mini wreaths - approx. 3" across

Large wreaths - approx. 18" across

Natural colored (white, grays, browns, blacks, spotted black/gray/white Jacob...) washed wool with a bow made from vintage wool sacks.  The faux bows are constructed so you can insert whatever decorations you would like - evergreen, lavender, wild flowers...  Perfect for year round.  

Sadly, as with the felted sheep, there is a wait list for the large wreaths.  I'm trying to keep a good selection of medium and mini wreaths in stock all the time though.

$76 - $128 Large Wreaths          Medium Wreaths $15       Mini Wreaths $10

Felted Pumpkins

I don't ever brag on my own work, but even I have to admit these are really stinkin' cute.  They are about the size of large orange...or a small pumpkin ;-).  Bright orange, dull orange, light green, dark green, white, mottled colors...


Felted Sheep Pins

I think I could do these custom if you are interested in a specific sheep.  Just shoot me an email to double check on availability.  I'll have to think on how to do horns for Jacob sheep and speckled faces for, say, Liddy or Baaxter, but it can probably be done :-).

$10.00 regular       $12.50 custom

Biscuit and Muffin Ornaments

This limited edition ornament is based on the Tour de Fleece logo this past summer.  Back then they were eating clovers.  For Halloween they were eating a pumpkin (really, that's a pumpkin).  For Christmas they are eating hay.  I need a better picture of this.  It's a 3" wood heart, painted and distressed, handspun yarn hanger and actual Equinox Farm hay :-D.


My Favorite Sheep Tote Bags

Every sheep we've ever had, starting with Punkin, all the way through Bullwinkle last spring.  The natural colored heavy canvas bag measures 14"x15" (plenty big for books or your current project) and has a simple nylon handle.

Sale Price $12.50

Matching 5"x7" white note cards $1.50 each in a plastic sleeve or $10 for a set of 10 cards.

Small matching (4"x6") note pads $2.50

My Favorite Sheep Drawstring Bags

Our newest bag...because the Ts weren't on the canvas bag, nor were Biscuit, Muffin and Mrs. Pepperpot.  I'd like to say this is the last design as we won't be getting any more new sheep, but that sounds like a jinx for sure.  It's a light weight 10"x12" muslin bag, perfect for small projects or your lunch :-).

Mug Shot Mugs

There are two mug designs.  Sheep tested and approved!

The First Mug





Could that really be little Baaxter?


And the Second Mug!

Now with Hank, Kate, Amelia, 20, baby Liddy, Comby, Graham, Peabody, B. Willard, Henri, Petunia, Renny, Ewen McTeagle and Keebs.

I know, I know.  Hank should have been on the first mug to begin with.  But what about Betsy, Handy, PPPP, Annabelly, Bullwinkle, Levi, Andy and...?  I guess Mug Three will be coming soon.


Punkin's Patch T-Shirts

Outstanding In Their Field.  That's Amelia, Hank, Hershey, Ewen McTeagle, Comby, Heidi, Miss Tilly/Weaslie and Kate.


Maisie Orneries and Kits

Ready to hang (or gift) Maisie Orneries

Disclaimer:  Not responsible for anything that happens to your Christmas tree when you attach Maisie to it.  Just saying...


Make your own Maisie Ornerie.  Assembly directions can be found [here].

Same disclaimer from above applies with the addition of any injuries or making your own. If you don't know why a simple, sweet, harmless little sheep ornament would come with all these dire warnings, you'd probably better read the blog ;-).


Bird Nesters

Birds love to add bits of yarn, flowers, horse hair and especially wool to their nests.  Drape tufts of all natural, washed wool over branches in your yard and watch for wool lined nests in the spring.  A perfect gift for your favorite birds.


Wool Balls

If you are wanting to use them as dryer balls, apparently you need three.  I've not tried this - just what I've been told.  Heck, I barely keep the laundry caught up as it is.  I like to use the balls as fun and interesting decorations.  They look beautiful in wooden or pottery bowls, baskets...

My Favorite Sheep Car Sticker