Spinning Supplies And Yarn

Drop Spindle Kits

Each kit contains a hand crafted spindle, two balls (2 oz.) of easy to spin roving and instructions with pictures. I am happy to teach you to use it as well. I'm trying to get up my nerve to record a short instructional video, but until then, just email to set up a time to come out to the farm.  

Used Spinning and Weaving Equipment

I occasionally offer used equipment for sale.  The spinning wheel has been sold.  I will be listing a Woolee Winder for an Ashford Traditional and some miscellaneous equipment...as soon as I get on top of the Christmas situation here..........hahahahahaha..........


I like to have almost everything processed into ready to spin roving soon after washing.  We try to keep several Jacob fleeces (medium wool, easy to spin, beautiful colors) in varying shades of white, gray and black, a few white Texel crosses (the longer end of medium, a nice crisp yarn, very easy to spin) and some Cotswold (nice luster and halo, easy to spin, dyes wonderfully) in stock.

In addition, we currently have Count Chocula, Daniel, Maisie, Blossom and Murphy in stock. I also occasionally offer limited amounts of other special sheep from my S.A.B.L.E. (stash accumulation beyond life expectancy ;-).  Please email for availability.  I really can't spin them all.  Really.

$3 per ounce (4 oz. minimum) or $44 per pound

Lamb Camp Yarn

You love their lambs.  You'll love their yarn.  Pre-played with by baby Liddy!  Remember that funny series of pictures?  Go back and look.  The beauty of browsing :-).

Awesome hat and mittens knit by Karen Battersby :-).

The Lamb Camp Yarn was spun from the ewes at Final Frontier Farm in Paris, Kentucky, a favorite Lamb Camp destination.  They are Keebler, Blossom, Lila and Liddy's moms, cousins, sisters, aunties...

The majority of the flock is a Texel cross with some Polypay, Columbia and Suffok mixed in with some wool breed influence from Cotswold, Wensleydale, Border Leicester and Finn.  Like the ewes themselves, the wool is a beautiful combination of sturdy softness and no nonsense work ethic, perfect for sweaters, vest, hats, mittens, woven throws...  This semi-lustrous yarn dyes wonderfully.

Each worsted weight skein is approximately 195 yards and weighs approximately 3.5 ounces.  You may find some bits of hay and straw mixed in, but that picks out and it's comforting to know that it wasn't dissolved out with strong chemicals.

 $14 per skein Five or more skeins $13 each

Knit local and help support local sheep and shepherds :-).

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