Raw Fleeces

Remember, these are sheep with character...and probably a little extra VM (vegetable matter) thrown in for good measure ;-).  Our sheep are not coated and spend a huge amount of time sitting around watching Adventure Chicken tv, stuffing hay in their mouths like bonbons.  While they won't win any awards for cleanliness, most of their VM will shake out upon washing and processing and we won't sell anything we wouldn't want to spin ourselves.  We love knowing who we are wearing and you will too :-).

Prices range from $8 - $12 per pound.

2017 Fleeces  

2017 Baaxter and Renny are still available!  

I do occasionally pick up some "rescue" fleeces from the shearers throughout the year.  Rescue fleeces are usually colored (because the commercial buyers do not want non-white wool) or else something extra nice that seemed a shame to add to the bulk bag.  Email for availability.

Washed Fleeces

I believe this was Blossom or maybe Peabody from a couple years ago.  Long gone regardless, but what a yummy pile of fleece!  I'll leave this picture on here for any time you need to bury your nose in a clean fluffy fleece on a warm spring afternoon :-).

There is 1/2 of Petunia's 2016 shearing (pictured above) available and about 1/2 of B. Willard (pictures coming soon) left as well.  Also a limited amount of Buddy, Woolliam and Keebler.  Email for availability


I like to have almost everything processed into ready to spin roving soon after washing.  We try to keep several Jacob fleeces (medium wool, easy to spin, beautiful colors) in varying shades of white, gray and black, a few white Texel crosses (the longer end of medium, a nice crisp yarn, very easy to spin) and some Cotswold (nice luster and halo, easy to spin, dyes wonderfully) in stock.

We are currently very low in roving availability.  I'm hoping that changes soon.  T
here are a few small amounts of a few sheep.  Email for availability.

$3 per ounce (4 oz. minimum) or $44 per pound

Quilt Batting

Currently sold out, but Ewen McTeagle's 2014, 2015, 201 and 2017 fleeces are ready to head to the mill for processing.  Long story...  Ewen grows the best batting though :-).