Cards And Calendars

Folk Art Christmas Cards

When we bought our farm in the fall of 2003 we also picked up a few new farm friends (as you do ;-) - a horse, a couple more sheep, a rescued Border Collie, a barn cat...  I decided to paint a Christmas-y farm scene with everyone on there and include an ID diagram on the back to introduce them all to our friends and family.  It turned out pretty cute...and everyone wanted to know what the following year's card would be (!).

There are now 15 Equinox Farm inspired folk art Christmas cards.  I can't believe I've been painting those for 15 years!  Mixed sets are now available or each design is sold grouped individually.  Ten cards and envelopes per pack.  The inside greeting is Peace and Joy and the back features a guide to the characters on the front and the most recent years include a story as well.

There used to be an easy "slideshow" option on blogger that would be perfect to display each card, but like most things I like, it is now obsolete.  Here are last last five Christmas cards just for example. Please follow the links below for all the pictures and the "rest of the story".  The whole story each year, if you don't already know it, is always worth the extra step.

2018 "...and to all a good night."  A Christmas Eve barn check.

2017 Wool-tide Greetings  There is nothing better than finding something fun in the mailbox!

2016 Christmas Cheer-ios  It's hard to beat a great Christmas dinner!

2015 Saint Tim says "No more room in the inn."  What could be sweeter than a live nativity scene ;-).

2014 The Wethers Outside Are Frightful  The kids have a snowball fight.

2013  Two Eyes Made Out Of Coal  The kids build a snowman.

2012 Baked With Love  Iris bakes everyone Christmas cookies.

2011 Oh Tannen-baaa-m  This was the card featured on KET's Kentucky Life Christmas Special :-)

2010 Woolsh!  Everybody's hitting the slopes.  Renny's card.

2009 Warm Wishes  The sheep get together to knit Hank a sweater.

2008 Six Sheep A Skating  Playing crack the whip on the Frog Pond.

2007 Angels Among Us  Includes some farm angels.

2006 Baa-la-la-la-la  Iris leads the sheep in caroling.

2005 Deck The Stalls  Decorating the barn for the holidays.

2004 Blessings  The card that started it all.

The first three farm cards were pre-blog, but can be seen in this post until I get some new pictures taken.  There are also three pre-farm card designs.

Set of ten matching cards and envelopes - $10.00

Mixed set of one of each year's farm card and 15 envelopes - $15.00

Individual cards are also available. One card and envelope in a protective plastic sleeve - $2.50

Photography Christmas Cards

Christmas Lamb Camp - black lamb

Christmas Lamb Camp - white lamb

Jester Catching Snowflakes

Liddy, The Snow Queen

Set of ten matching cards and envelopes - $10.00

2019 calendars

Farm Calendars

A 2019 farm calendar featuring most of your favorite Equinox Farm cast of characters. There are not enough months to feature them all, but they are all included in the little extra pictures :-).

Pictures measure  8 1/2" x 11".


Lamb Camp Calendars

Lamb Camp, the very best time of year.  With special thanks to the farms that let me come out each spring to photograph and snorgle baby lambs to my heart's content.  

This is a small(ish) calendar, with pictures measuring 6"x9".  Perfect to tuck into a little cubby.


Lamb Camp Note Cards

Vol. 1

Vol. 3

Bullwinkle wonders "Who is that cute lambie?"

Vol. 1, Vol. 2  and Vol. 3 Lamb Camp cards come in a set of 10 or can be purchased individually.

Set of 10 different cards and envelopes in a package - $10.00

One card and envelope in a protective plastic sleeve - $2.50  Just let me know which one(s) you'd like.  "The one sleeping in the feed trough..."  This would be a great place to insert a slide show of all the cards, wouldn't it...  I'll try to get some more product pictures taken ASAP.

Don't forget to check out the Lamb Camp yarn!

Farm inspired rug hooking designs and note cards

Handy and Aria, Ewenice and her lambs, The Adventure Chickens, Betsy, some of our favorite birds and flowers and bees.

The back of each card provides a simple rug hooking design.  I can sometimes be talked into drawing them onto fabric of your choice.

Set of six cards and envelopes $8.50     Individual cards and envelopes in a plastic sleeve $2.50